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From The Good Evil
Serena Supergreen

Serena and her two friends are finally on their way to dream island when they get stranded on the wrong one. What will you do in their place?

© The Good Evil

The summer holidays are within reach. Unfortunately, Serena's vacation budget is still yawning empty. But she would love to lie in a hammock on a sunny island with a cocktail! So before she goes on a big trip with her best friends Myra and Kiki, Serena has to earn money at the mall.

The aquariums in the pet shop are broken, the chameleon is sitting in the dark and there is also this strange parrot. Serena has a lot to do in her new job. Countless technical obstacles have to be mastered by her, with the help of a 3D printer or soldering iron. And then she has a fight with her friends.

Finally, there's a much bigger problem: When the three girls are finally on their way to Dream Island, they get stranded on the wrong island - where exactly nothing works at all. Almost single-handedly, Serena and Kiki have to repair a wind turbine, as this is the only way they can get off the deserted island.


  • 6 hours of play time
  • Exciting adventure story
  • German voice output with full sound
  • Choose from 4 characters
  • Tricky puzzles

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