Workshop #1:
3D Sound Workshop

3D Sound Workshop © Wisp Kollektiv

Mon, 23.10.2017 -
Sat, 28.10.2017

11:00 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr

3D Soundlab Bengaluru

Led by bangaloREsident@ISRO Felix Deufel (WISP-Kollektiv),
Yashas Shetty & Umashankar Manthravadi

The 3D Sound Lab Bengaluru (3DSB), founded by bangaloREsident@ISRO Felix Deufel (WISP-Kollektiv), Yashas Shetty and Umashankar Manthravadi, is supported by the bangaloREsidency of the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore, The Indian Sonic Research Organisation and Sristhi Institute for Art, Design and Technology and is one of the first laboratories for spatial sound in India.

3DSB will open its doors with the #1 3D Audio Workshop. This 5-day workshop is open to artists interested in performance, composition, installation and the technical aspects of immersive and spatial audio. The projects will be performed at the final public concert on October 29, 2017 (location tba).

The workshop will include a gentle introduction, hands-on exercises and gives time for individuals or groups to compose and create pieces of music/sound art with a 32 channel 3D Sound System. 3D audio is a technology for reproduction of audio in space, adding the vertical dimension and higher resolution to usual surround sound. The natural dynamics of sound in space can be imitated and immersive life-like listening experiences can be created. Ideal for musicians, DJs, composers, theatre directors, producers, artists, audio engineers and programmers, no previous knowledge in 3D audio required.

Workshop hosts:
Felix Deufel (bangaloREsident@ISRO, WISP)
Yashas Shetty (The ISRO)

Umashankar Manthravadi

Limited seats. Mail to register.

The 3DSB is equipped with a modular and scalable 3D audio speaker setup, containing 32 full-range speakers and up to 4 additional subwoofers. 3DSB provides different 3D audio rendering systems and offers workshops, lab sessions and production time for artists, composers, musicians and sound engineers to explore and learn composing, performing and producing audio in 3D on large-scale speaker setups as well as the technical and artistic aspects of this new spatial audio format.

3DSB is an open lab with a mandate to provide access and education in the field of 3D audio in order to push the artistic boundaries of audio.

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