Talk 'How can you hear...' #5

Jo Lendle © Mathis Beutel

Fri, 23.07.2021

18:30 IST

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata

An evening of conversation between Jo Lendle and Sandip Roy

Jo Lendle

Jo Lendle was born in 1968. He studied literature, cultural studies and philosophy, and from 1997 was involved in setting up the literature program at DuMont Buchverlag, of which he became publisher in 2010. In addition, he has been a visiting professor and lecturer at the universities of Leipzig, Hildesheim, Munich and Biel. Jo Lendle has been publisher of Hanser Literaturverlage since 2014. He is the editor of the literary magazine Akzente and a member of the board of trustees of the Literaturhaus München, the publishing committee of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, and the board of trustees of the German Literature Fund, as well as a juror of the German Booksellers' Prize. In 2019, the English translation of his novel "Alles Land" was published by Seagull Books, Kolkata. In the fall of 2021, his fifth novel "A Kind of Family" will be published.

Sandip Roy

Sandip Roy is a writer, radio host and columnist in Kolkata. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Times of India, Firstpost and other publications. His audio dispatch from Kolkata airs weekly on public radio in San Francisco. He is a columnist for Mint Lounge and hosts the Sandip Roy Show on Audio Express. His award-winning first novel is ‘Don’t Let Him Know’.

The conversation was broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Goethe-Institut Kolkata on 23.07.2021. You can find the recording of the conversation at: 



Enjoy a reading of excerpts from the book ‘All The Land’ by Jo Lendle performed by Jayant Kripalani in English


Jayant Kripalani © Jayant Kripalani Jayant Kripalani has acted on stage, on television and in films. He has directed films, TV shows and plays. He has written two books of stories and a book of poems. He lives for the moment and in the moment. He doesn’t take anything seriously and no one is expected to take him seriously. He expects to die like a millionaire…to go to sleep one day and not wake up.

Enjoy a short reading of an excerpt from the book ‘All The Land’ by Jo Lendle performed by the author himself in German.