Performance Rorschach Touch
by Diya Naidu

Rorschach Touch © Subodha Subrahmanya

Sat, 22.07.2017


Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore

Initiated at Gender Bender 2016, produced by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore and Sandbox Collective

Rorschach Touch is an exploration of perception in the context of gendered bodies, but with the wish to go beyond gendered limitations.

The performance, which gets its name from the famous Thematic Apperception Test by Henry A. Murray and Christiana D. Morgan, hopes to ask the viewer: How do you see?

While it allows and invites you to get close and personal with the performers, it also gives you a sensorial experience brought about by movement and touch. The work is intimate and asks you to be present, to sink in, get carried away and also to look into your own self. It is a deeply personal work and treats the body and its states with sensitivity, humour and intense candour. The hope is that while you watch, you will really be witnessing yourself, getting to know what disturbs or stimulates you, what interests or offends you... even what you desire and shy away from and how you interpret human interactions.

Rorschach Touch leaning © Dannilla Donald Correya The audience is called upon to lean in and watch every nuance and detail, including their own perceptions, habits, biases and emotional responses. The piece starts slowly and quietly to set the pace for a sensorial, movement-based experience. Often images and scenes are repeated with tiny variations in context and character. This juxtaposition offers the viewer a chance to really see themselves in light of how they receive the situation on stage.

Choreographed by: Diya Naidu
Produced by: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore
Supported by: Shoonya - Centre for Art and Somatic Practices
Performers: Ajeesh K Balakrishnan, Akshata Joshi, Asha Ponikiewska, Dayita Nereyeth, Masoom Parmar, Niranjan Harish
Production Managers: Anishaa Tavag and Masoom Parmar

About Diya Naidu
Diya Naidu is an independent performer and choreographer. She spent most of her career training and performing with companies like The Danceworx, Rythmosaic and The Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts. Diya holds a diploma in movement arts and mixed media from the latter. Since 2014, when she became independent, she has delved more into choreography, pedagogy and theatre and her work is an amalgam of these.

Diya Naidu is interested in the somatic, spiritual and creative questions to balance and nuance the discipline, practice and politics of art - a space she believes is a canvas for expression and integration into our lived reality of being and becoming.