Theatre Woodbeat

Tue, 24.10.2017

G5A Foundation

G-5/A Laxmi Mills Estate
Shakti Mills Lane, Mahalaxmi
400011 Mumbai

By Helios Theatre, Germany

By Helios Theatre, Germany
October 24, 11.00 am and 6.00 pm | G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture

Woodbeat is a play for children and toddlers above two years.

‘It might be as big as a tree or as small as a small as a tiny splinter. It might be furniture or paper – wood surrounds us every day’.

A percussionist and a puppeteer take their audience on a fascinating
journey into wooden pictures and the sound of wood. They create figures and creatures, objects and tools and find out what wood can become in surprisingly new ways.

Co-production by HELIOS Theater, Hamm/Germany & Théâtre Jeune Public, Strasbourg/France

Direction:                   Barbara Kölling
Performance:            Michael Lurse
Percussion:               Marko Werner
Theatre Pedagogy:    Matthias Damberg
Photos:                      Walter G. Breue

With “WOODBEAT” under the direction of Barbara Kölling the HELIOS Theater shows another wonderful performance for the very young. It is part of the county wide project “theatre from the beginning”.

Presented in Mumbai in association with G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture and Gillo Theatre Repertory