Performance in public space The Megaphone Guerrilla by Gabi Schaffner bangaloREsident@Maraa

The Megaphone Guerrilla © Goethe-Institut Bangalore

Sat, 07.10.2017

Swami Vivekananda Road Metro Station

A walk with poets and megaphones along the Metro rail tracks, led by Gabi Schaffner, sound artist from Berlin and bangaloREsident@Maraa. Parallel to bird song, market buzz and traffic roar, we reclaim the air space for poetry and spoken word, presenting different renditions of "I"-"LIVE"-"HERE".  

The Megaphone Guerrilla - Gabi Schaffner © Gabi Schaffner With Nithila Kumar, Ashwini Chakre, Raajeshwari, Krishnamurthy, Daniel, Ekta Mittal and Angarika Guha.

Along the trajectory of the Bangalore Metro, a number of poets will claim their space… on the ground and through the air. What does it mean to share this city? Does it change me? Do I make a difference in this multitude? "I"-"LIVE"-"HERE" explores various concepts of identity and being through a series of events, concerts, happenings and festivals. 

Call +91 9880755875 to join the trail.

Nithila Kumar lives in Bangalore and studies Science in St. Joseph's College. As a part of the "I"-"LIVE"-"HERE" lab, initiated by Maraa, she is interested in exploring ideas of identity as a young student in these chaotic times.
Ashwini Chakre is a math, physics and theatre teacher at Head Start School in Bangalore by day and a writer, director and theatre practitioner by night. He is part of a Bangalore-based theatre group called Mashaal that produces plays in Hindi.
Raajeshwari Krishnamurthy is a sociology student from Bangalore University and an active member of Karnataka Vidhyaarthi Sanghatne, a student union in Karnataka. She participates in several peoples' movements and protests around land, caste and gender. She is also a poet and has been writing in Kannada about her preoccupations with the city and her experiences as a student.
Daniel is from Ivory Coast, West Africa, and is an RJ and dancer who is in Bangalore to learn 3D animation. He started a group called Foreigners Are Not All Bad (FANAB) to bring different cultures together through the arts. He is currently developing a foreign students radio channel called BOX 1. He is also part of the "I"-"LIVE"-"HERE" lab, initiated by Maraa, and his productions in the lab will feature on BOX 1.  
Ekta Mittal is the co-founder of Maraa and is a film maker. She co-curates and produces creative works for October Jam, Maraa's annual arts festival since 2008. She will be performing for this sonic experiment after a long hiatus. 
Angarika Guha works at Maraa, and conceptualised and manages "I"-"LIVE"-"HERE", a creative lab for young people to explore notions of identity and the city.
The Megaphone Guerrilla is a project by Gabi Schaffner and Maraa and a prequel for her final presentation of her bangaloREsidency on the October 25, 2017.