Festival Bengaluru Fantastic

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Fri, 15.12.2017 -
Sun, 17.12.2017

Rangoli Metro Art Center

Arts. Tech. People.

Bangalore is well-known as the hub for emerging art and innovative culture. We are happy to participate in yet another exciting initiative - the pilot of a Biennial. Among others, German artists/former bangaloREsidents Jérôme Chazeix, Thomas Heidtmann and Felizitas Stilleke present "fantastic" projects!

Bengaluru Fantastic is envisioned as a Biennial hosted in Bangalore, India. Its intention is to envision a positive, sustainable future leveraging creative tech in open city spaces.

The founding team comprises experienced architects, designers, artists and technologists with a track record in connecting their practice with participatory processes and government bodies. The advisory board are heavy weights in their fields.

Bangalore as a city is uniquely placed, physically on  a plateau 900 MSL, located in the southern peninsula of India, without its own water reserves. Its population has more than doubled in the last decade. Simultaneously, it is a vibrant hub for tech and research with some of the best corporates and academic institutions. It has an ever-growing population of young artists and designers.

Bengaluru Fantastic Programme

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  • PSYCHORAMA by Jérôme Chazeix

    Friday, 15.12.2017


    PSYCHORAMA / soul food body touching
    This project is an animated immersive video set within a relaxing hypnotic environment. People will be invited to rest in specially designed seats and follow instructions through the experience. Symbiosis of electronic music with forms of image and text proposes an experiential travel through the body and even the soul.

    Jérôme Chazeix works with the combination of different media and their cross-references. Sculptures, videos and drawings are the preferred elements of his work. They integrate, among other things, in their installations, environments, or performances and combine to create an overwhelming and complex scenario which leads to a crystallisation, an associative process, like a network of facets, a cosmos. A visual fusion, the staging extends across the entire space and invites you to enter this world.

  • THE PARTY by Jérôme Chazeix

    Friday, 15.12.2017

    The Party

    THE PARTY / "The Post Industrial Grid (P.I.G)" : Digital prints on silk. The pictures are expressed as a big collage mixing a multiplicity of motifs and elements including nature, culture, human, design, art, architecture, abstract, typography and Zeix logos. P.I.G deals with images and their consumption. An image is never alone, but makes sense when combined with other elements. A discourse on the images, our relation to the Internet revolution, where we are now overwhelmed with a visual stream in which all images acquire equal importance: the images come from different knowledge sources, different levels and contexts, and are reappropriated and arranged in decorative ornamental silk scarves, that act as artifacts of our time.
    The video animation THE PARTY mixes post-industrial elements captured as digital prints on silk textiles to create an immersive environment. It includes four-way multi-dimensional projections to present the world of Zeix Berlin (as a pseudo fashion label) with electronic music.

  • Calls for Curating by Felizitas Stilleke

    Friday, 15.12.2017

    During Call for Curation, Felizitas Stilleke takes us on her personal and intimate journey of encounters, with inspiring people and a lot of (shared) confusion about the possibilities and borders of intuitive curating, via her perception. For the artist, curating signifies a social practice, that is ruled by interaction and intuition. During her time in India with the bangaloREsidency, the artist started to record herself and found that speaking her impressions and experiences out loud is the best way to stay connected to herself, and the narration turned into an oral transmission, created in the interaction of thoughts, within the specific moment of alliance. Meeting different artists and activists initiated a snowball effect of interaction which continues. Carried by an euphoric, open will to connect social dynamics and exchange empathy, she tried to find and write a new global narration of curated assemblies and/with/through love, collectively.

    Felizitas Stilleke ©Felizitas Stilleke Felizitas Stilleke is a freelance dramaturge and curator that lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She has studied German Language, Literature Studies and Educational Science in Bochum [B.A.] and Literary Studies/Kulturpoetik in Münster [M.A.]. Since 2015, Felizitas has been a dramaturge of various projects and groups in Nordrhein-Westfalen and Berlin, including collaborations with SEE!, Ben J. Riepe, subbotnik and Drama Köln e.V. She co-curated the theater festival of independant performing arts in NRW, FAVORITEN 2014 and was the dramatic advisor of the international Theater Festival, IMPULSE 2017, under the artistic direction of Florian Malzacher.

  • Place in Orbit by Thomas Heidtmann

    Friday, 15.12.2017

    Place in Orbit

    Place in Orbit is an installation of objects that is inspired and influenced by shapes, colours, materials, and data of space satellites from the ISRO mission PSLV-37, the historic mission which set the world record for simultaneously launching 104 satellites. The objects, connected with each other via sound, light, sensors, and interaction modes, monitor and engage a communication between the pieces themselves as well as with the visitors.

    Thomas Heidtmann, fascinated by space technologies, mirrors, and questions of visibility and observation, combines traditional aesthetics, materials, and techniques with new technologies to create installations and objects that are often interactive and engaging. Interactions vary from the more obvious to arcane. The artist builds ephemeral solutions for site-specific requirements as well as autonomous pieces.

    Former bangaloREsident@Srishti Thomas Heidtmann is a media artist, formally educated at the Berlin University of the Arts with an emphasis on painting and new media. In his recent works, he examines forms and expressions of exploration, collaboration, and communication.