Art in public space Touchy Experiences curated by Manasa Raj & Zero Eight 21 Connect

Touchy Experiences © Manasa Raj, Zero Eight 21 Connect

Fri, 09.03.2018 -
Sat, 10.03.2018

Chikka Gadiyara (Clock Tower), Mysore


We are happy to announce that the ‘portable museum’ designed and produced by Eduardo da Conceição, former bangaloREsident@Sandbox Collective  in 2016 will shelter a new exhibition. Fulfilling once again the idea of it being filled with different content through different people in different places.

Touchy Experiences
Curated by Manasa Raj and Zero Eight 21 Connect, the art intervention in public space in the heart of Mysore City, includes works of Aadirika Karda, Baadal Nanjundaswamy, Desai Somesh, Neha Mehta and Simona I Pereira, and deals with experiences of the invasion of the body that women face every day.
The intention is to confront patriarchal culture and the symbolic violence of this mindset on objectification of women and the lack of social responses on street harassment. By establishing a dialogue around the subject and creating awareness, the curators want to give voice to conversations about sexual harassment in public spaces.

Let´s make public spaces safer!

Supported by Sandbox Collective and Jagriti Theatre