Join! The NELKEN-Line

Nelken Line © Pina Bausch Foundation

Fri, 09.03.2018

“Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter”

Everyone is welcome to join up and dance the element that is probably the best known line in all of Pina Bausch's works: “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter” from the 1982 piece “Nelken”. With just a few distinct gestures, the line tells about alternation of the four seasons with dancers proceeding in a long line.

Everyone is invited to dance! This video-clip can be used as a tutorial. Everyone is welcome to learn the choreography in this way, to dance it together with other people and to make a video: Professionals and amateurs, experts and curious, old and young people. Together with friends, family, colleagues, in your club or youth group, your school class or even together with total strangers that come together for this project. 

Link to the video: