Exhibition Rethinking

Umdenken GI-Pune (2) © Goethe-Institut

Tue, 05.06.2018 -
Fri, 29.06.2018

Fergusson College

Learning from the nature

Water, fire, earth and air: without these there is no life. People know this, and they have made use of the elements. The result was progress. But where are the limits of growth? Now that the natural equilibrium has been destabilised in many places – and has in some cases been lost forever – an era of rethinking has now begun.

The exhibition "Rethinking: Learning from Nature" which is all about sustainability will be displayed at the Fergusson College, Pune. 

The exhibition is on view at Fergusson College from 05.06.2018 till 29.06.2018 (10:00 to 17:00 hrs.)

Exhibition Opening in Pune on 5th June 2018 | 11 am | Fergusson College | Free Entry