Film Screening Film Screening with original filmscore - Live musical interludes by Willy Schwarz

Willy Schwarz  Prem Sanyas © Goethe-Institut Chennai

Sat, 27.07.2019

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Auditorium

No.4 5th Street, Rutland Gate
600 006 Chennai

in cooperation with CPB Foundation, Cinema Rendezvous and Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation

Prem Sanyas - The Light of Asia
Dir.: Franz Osten | 1925 | 98 min.

Willy Schwarz’s vision has always been eclectic. After decades spent absorbing music from around the globe, Willy has alchemically transformed his experience into songs and compositions that reflect his love for the dozens of traditions he has studied, yet maintain the unity of conception and imagination that is the prerogative of a master storyteller.

Willy began his formal training in Indian Classical Music in 1970 with master ‚sarodist’ Ustad Aashish Khan, and tabla wizard Ustad Alla Rakha.  During three successive journeys to India, he continued his studies  with Pt. Ravi Shankar,  also accompanying on tabla his sister-in-law,  late vocalist Lakshmi Shankar on tour.   He spent 12 years writing and performing music for the theatre, receiving several prizes for  successful productions in London, Los Angeles, Boston, and 3 times on Broadway in New York. 

For the film Prem Sanyas, Willy composed and performed original music on sarod, vichitra vina, bansuri, santur, sarangi, tabla, mrdang, dramyen, and 12 other musical instruments.