Five Million Incidents | Installation Gossamer

Gossamer © Dhara Mehrotra © Dhara Mehrotra

Saturday, 17 August – Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

By Dhara Mehrotra

Gossamer sources inspiration from the idea that there is self-organization in nature. It evokes the thought that each cell, at a molecular level, is pre-programmed and exactly knows its purpose. The small steps we take towards unfolding and discovering the intelligence behind nature's evolutionary miracles, brings to the fore something far more profound than any human endeavor.
The installation reflects upon the form, fabric, structure and topology of networks of Mycelium. Mycelia are very fine, thread like fungal hyphae that connect plant roots with each other in a communication system, often referred to as the ‘wood wide web’.
These networks are not only conduits for food and sustenance, but also act as a medium for a wider array of complex interactions between  plants, many of which we are just beginning to understand.
The Artist-in-Residence outreach program with TIFR Bangalore (2018-19), provided the means for a deeper understanding of these networks. The images under the microscope provided a peek into unseen micro ecosystems and made for compelling parallels with what what one sees with the naked eye. 
“Seeing is understanding. Clusters, networks, struts, tubules, from microns to meters. The recurrence of patterns across scales is initially mysterious but these patterns hint at some of biology’s deepest secrets”
- Dr. Mukund Thattai (Faculty/ Director of Academics NCBS-TIFR Banglore) 
Gossamer is an iteration of work developed during the residency at TIFR Bangalore. The flow of the installation at Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, builds upon the idea of connected clusters spreading across the surface as they grow on various wall spaces in and around the architecture.