Five Million Incidents | Workshop Can You Feel The Bubble? A call for collective fermentation

Can you feel the bubble © Jyothidas KV © Jyothidas KV

Monday, 23 – Saturday, 28 September 2019

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

By Jyothidas KV

Can You Feel The Bubble? A call for collective fermentation, is an invitation to turn. Turn together, in a chamber. Turn to each other to turn each other. There will be edibles, audibles, visibles and bubbles and various stages of rot; to assist us to think about fermentation and to ferment along! We look for potential metaphors while we brace ourselves for a future, which would be fermental. We plan to make gestures, from simple to complex, looking for transformations.
We, your fellow fermentees, will be there at the chamber along with some unseeable beings, for five days and each evening we will have a ‘Sedimentation Session’ with utterings/ silences/and/ bodies in motion/and/ stillness/…(!).

Don't forget to bring your bodies along.
Fellow fermentees: Jyothidas K V + Prabhash Tripathy + Monica Yadav +
M R Vishnuprasad + Navkiran Natt + Anuradha Vellat +

Downlaod the schedule: