Concert Haffner plays Haffner

Haffner plays Haffner © Wolfgang Haffner

Sun, 01.12.2019

Dalhousie Institute Kolkata

42, Fazlul Haque Sarani
700 019 Kolkata

By Wolfgang Haffner & Band
Wolfgang Haffner (Drums)
Alma Naidu (Vocals)
Simon Oslender (Piano)
Thomas Stieger (Bass)
Wolfgang Haffner’s career started at a young age. When he was only 18 Albert Mangelsdorff made him a member of his band. Since then, Haffner has been working with many well-known musicians like Helge Schneider and Xavier Naidoo. He has recorded more than 400 albums and is playing at the most important Jazz Festivals worldwide. Apart from playing the drums, he has also started composing and producing music. In the course of his career, he has received numerous awards like the ECHO Jazz Award for example.

The band includes the 21-year-old pianist Simon Oslender, one of the shooting stars of the German jazz scene. Simon is also playing with the saxophone legend Bill Evans in his new project. The 23-year-old singer Alma Naidu from Munich who impresses the audience in many different expressions with her unique voice, and has been in the band of Wolfgang Haffner since the summer of 2019. On the bass is Thomas Stieger who is a musician playing with many well-known names of the German music scene. Stieger is considered one of the most accomplished bassists in Germany.

In the program "Haffner plays Haffner" pieces from the illustrious career of the bandleader are newly reinterpreted, as are some of his classics like "Kind of Cool" & "Kind of Spain".

This concert is part of the Annual Jazz Fest 2019, Kolkata.

The time on the concert will be announced closer to the date.