Workshop Using Dramaturgy

Using Dramaturgy © Flinn Works

Tue, 03.12.2019 -
Thu, 12.12.2019

Visthar Conference and Retreat Centre

Kothanur post
KRC Road
560077 Bangalore

This is a 10-day workshop on defining dramaturgy and how to integrate a dramaturgical process into the rehearsal room.

Designed by Sophia Stepf (Artistic Director, Flinn Works) and Jehan Manekshaw (Head of School, Drama School Mumbai) and presented by the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan.

This 10-day residential course is for practising and experienced theatre makers who seek to understand the role of a dramaturg in the theatre making process and who wish to develop and refine their dramaturgical skills in order to apply them as dramaturgs on other theatre makers’ projects.

The course is taught by Götz Leineweber and Sophia Stepf and guest lecturers from India.

Selected Applicants:
Akhshay Gandhi
Anshuman Acharya
Asim Siddiqui
Ayesha Susan Thomas
Basav Biradar
Irawati Karnik
Kalyani Hiwale
Nisha Abdulla
Tanvi Shah
Venkatesh Prasad
Vikrant Dhote
Vishnu Narain