Five Million Incidents | Installation A LOVE LATIKA | An interactive installation of animation and erotic poetry

A Love Latika © Paromita Vohra © Paromita Vohra

Thursday, 21 – Friday, 22 November 2019, 10:00-19:00

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

By Paromita Vohra

Enter an electronic painted forest that spreads across 4 LCD screens. Its unpredictable flora and fauna all hide erotic poems, waiting for the computer’s mouse to find them. 
A curious tap on a flower flings open its dreamy limbs. Fish turn thirsty for the grapes swelling with juice and swallow them whole - or are they swallowed up by the grapes? Gushing breeze awakens the pond and the ripples are wetter than ever. Approached by the cursor, the overripe Sitaphal oozes desire. A light click seduces the seeds to burst open the fruit-skin. The forest unveils its lush growth and thrilled, the moon shoots high up in the sky!
Each fruit or flower contains two or three erotic poems from classical traditions, folk and mystical traditions as well as contemporary works. They are poems about mating, masturbating, waiting, longing, love-bites, embraces, jealousy, orgasms, kisses, dreaming, hurting, forgiving.
In this sweet scuffle, find an antidote to ravaged and confused conversations; for a few minutes, be a forest creature playing on A Love Latika.
Artist/Director: Paromita Vohra
Animator: Stuti Bansal
Coder: Harish Ranganathan
Production: Hamsi Manglani