Five Million Incidents | Installation Late Harvest

Late Harvest © Dharmendra Prasad © Dharmendra Prasad

Monday, 18 – Monday, 26 November 2019, various timings

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

By Dharmendra Prasad

Late Harvest is conceived as a seed for the future, through the preservation of care, production of inclusivity and winnowing orthodoxy through art in the complex social soil of Assam, Bihar and beyond. The project seeks to photosynthesize a range of practices in life, germinating the forms of art as utility, art forms as crops for living life, or threshing around ecology, rural philosophy, technology, time and economy.
The project cultivates the fluid fields of potential which moves in its character from site to performance, from physical to conceptual, from fictional to functional, from primitive to modern and from dystopian to utopian and vice versa.
Late Harvest is a season to engage with capitalist concerns; the project attempts to become a position and space in time and horizon to process the dreams of future forms and ideas.