Five Million Incidents | Concert/Performance 40 Milliseconds

40 Milliseconds © David Soin Tappeser © David Soin Tappeser

Saturday, 4 January 2020, 08:11-23:59

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

By David Soin Tappeser

40 Milliseconds is a durational concert-performance by jazz percussionist and composer David Soin Tappeser.
Spanning 15 hours, 48 minutes, an average human waking day, the performance - whose title alludes to the aural threshold between pitch and pulse - grasps at the liminal, extra-emotional, unreasonable space in which an incident might occur. Collapsing the gap in between the temporal extremities of human perception, it draws on the principle of exhaustion, physical as well as mathematical, as a means to uncover the malleability and asymmetry of linear time. Punctuated by improvised, musical conversations with invited, fellow musicians from a variety of backgrounds, it investigates the idea of common ground, continuity and synchronicity against the backdrop of constantly shifting musical contexts - ranging from Hindustani classical to experimental, electro acoustic music. 
The performance will begin at 08:11 and come to an end at 23:59.
A list of participating guest musicians and a schedule of appearances will be published closer to the date.