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By Sultana Zana

At some point, we all have been awed by a butterfly or a 200 year old tree, flowering grass or a never seen before mushroom. But these observations sublimate, they disappear with time from our memories and our databases. A lot of times, even these places transform and there is nothing left to point to even the absence of what once was. Fieldness is a long term experiment and platform where users (=observers) create a personal archive of places visited and gives users access to a global map of observations by others. Each user remains anonymous. We hope to create a small movement where the quiet time we spend in nature is as valued as the capitalistic activities we engage in as part of living in a city. 

Each person engaging with the platform adds meaning to the collective experience. The collective experience takes form as more people share this way of seeing. And so we invite you to step outside, to go for a walk and lend your awareness to what is present on this planet. Share your observations on the fieldness platform. 

The fieldness platform is present in this attention-grabbing, noise-media, neoliberal and extractive ecosystem where climate change and facist governments seem to be emerging forces that shape our lives. How will we protest and rebel? Sitting in parks, holding hands, watching the sun go down. 

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