Five Million Incidents | Chatroom Open call for Performers: Age Sex Location

Age Sex Location (ASL) © Ranjana Dave © Ranjana Dave

Application Deadline: Thursday, 29 October 29 2020 / Event: Thursday 5, Friday 6 and Sunday 8, November 2020

Online Kolkata

By Ranjana Dave

Application Deadline: Thursday, 29 October 29 2020

Age Sex Location (ASL) considers what it means to perform desire in text, through the practice of ‘sexting’. We watch eight people encounter each other over a series of episodes. What does it mean to have a deeply intimate conversation with someone in  a virtual setting? There’s another catch - in the spirit of the online chatroom, our performers do not know whom they’re sexting. By turns, this anonymity is reassuring, or sometimes, eerily alienating. How does one open up to a stranger? 

And what do you, as a voyeur, make of this? Has your breathing quickened as you peek into (and sometimes eavesdrop on) an intimate exchange? How does this virtual setting, a collection of cold pixels, begin to throb with sentience? How does the room fill with signs of their presence? How do they occupy space on your computer screen, and thus, in your imagination? The things they say to each other - where does that lead you?

Follow these performers, literally and sensorially, as they perform desire, for themselves, for each other, and for you. 

Please fill the Google form here, giving free rein to your imagination (and desire), if you would like to join the Age Sex Location chatroom.
  • Open to all participants above the age of 18, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
  • Location no bar - ASL happens online.
  • Selected performers will be notified by Friday, 30 October 2020.
This is a performative setting - you can play a role, or be yourself. The default iteration of the interface encourages anonymity.

Visit the link for details about the requirements and how to participate.