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Phone Call to Nowhere: A Lecture Poiesis on anicca © M R Vishnuprasad © M R Vishnuprasad

Monday, 9 November 2020, 19:30

Online Kolkata

By M R Vishnuprasad

anicca-Network is a Theory Fiction Act conceptualized by M R Vishnuprasad. Its operations would centre mainly on a web portal. The main objective is an inquiry into the Buddhist concept of anicca through the methods of theory, fiction and act. According to Gautama Buddha, anicca is the doctrine of impermanence which is a break away from the Brahmanic understanding of the primacy of permanence of body, self, events, and objects or any other material flows or phenomenal instances of life. Even though the concept of anicca has its ontological shades in the discursive realm of Buddhist philosophy, it opens a critical terrain that engages with a counterintuitive stance towards the essentialist notions of Brahminvadin treatises of the subcontinent. Along with an epistemological inquiry into anicca, this project also envisages to influence a virtual community that discusses art, literature, music, and performance to bring their work within the ambit of this network. The augmentation of this network will be online, and website based.
Phone Call to Nowhere: A Lecture Poiesis on anicca
First came a dream and then a phone call. Waking from the dream interred sleep, my legs had turned into clock hands. Thus, theories of time vanished fleetingly. A man without atman watches the time. Does body without atman abide the chronometers of life? I feel like moving my body within the entangled ‘times’ of impermanence. My movement becomes the act of the time that I weave. To say something, I must make my body act. So, I decided to talk on impermanence through a Zoom window.

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annica-Network: Phone Call to Nowhere poster © M R Vishnuprasad © M R Vishnuprasad