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Dalit Art Archive © Aroh Akunth © Aroh Akunth

November - December 2020

Online New Delhi

Open Call: Submissions for Dalit Art Archive

This is a call for submissions to Dalit Art Archive. Individuals from Dalit communities are invited to submit proposals for realisation. Proposals can lend themselves to an existing body of work, or be created for the purpose of this call. The call is open through the months of November and December 2020.

What is Dalit Art Archive?

Dalit Art Archive is a community archive that seeks to document histories of Caste and Art from the perspectives of Dalit peoples. In its current form, the archive seeks to build a repository of community knowledge via sourcing works which focus on, but are not limited to: caste-based art forms, manifestations of caste in the arts sector, experiences/barriers of caste in the arts sector, art appreciation/critique of an art piece/artist, interviews with Dalit Artists/Community Historians/ Art Experts in the form of articles, photo essays, digital stories, academic papers or podcasts.

The archive aims to encourage, explore, produce and document ‘Dalit Art’ and how the communities’ narratives are deeply tied to their identities. In addition to this, we seek to produce and provide platforms that will showcase the art from the community, curated by community members.

How to submit your work?

You are welcome to submit your work across mediums. It can include works on literature, film, visual or performing arts. Contributors will be provided an honorarium for their submissions. Our team of Dalit Artists from different disciplines will help curate the archive and facilitate realisation of the selected proposals.

If you are a Dalit artist, we would love to feature your work on the archive. We highly encourage Dalit individuals from underrepresented castes, linguistic, religious backgrounds and South Asian nations (other than India) to apply.

Should your piece be in a language other than English, we will require your permission to translate the piece to English and publish it in both the source language as well as English. Due to logistical constraints we cannot publish it without an accompanying English translation at the moment.

For further queries please mail us at