Five Million Incidents | Happening Found in Translation: Incidents, Excerpts, Notes, Poems & Conversations

Found in Translation © Khwaab Tanha Collective © Khwaab Tanha Collective

Tuesday, 10 November - Thursday, 10 December 2020

Online New Delhi

By Khwaab Tanha Collective

An incident, a poetry reading, a trio, a left over poem, a projection, one fading voice in Hindi, humming Dhumil, Pash, Faiz... and inquilaab... The first song of azaadi, the last ghazal for love, the open diary of Ghalib... 

What language do you think in? And in which one do you fall in love? Does revolution have a song? Or is it just a colour? How do you soak in a poem? How do you play a note that can't be seen, but still rendered on a wall? Some day’s can you see poems walking past you, through you, in your hands? What colour is our politics, and which language is it in? Is it in Hindi or Urdu, or both? or is it in silences or songs that have been painted a deep red?

Our incident, our mutiny, our sessions will weave art, posters, poems, poets, images, languages, kalams, and karigari for painting, translating, making, editing, filming, and projecting. Working with words, fonts, images, faces, poems, with the many Hindis, Urdus, Punjabis, Bengalis, Telagus, with colours, crayons, inks, edits, prints, songs, stories, and sounds, we will invent new work, new genres, new languages.

The Khwaab Tanha Sessions will work with poster art, audio-visual art, poetry reading, music making and storytelling in Indian languages. We will speak, write, make and create. Come to our sessions, to print, read, make, listen, distribute and think in many tongues, many hands and the many colours of our lives today.