Workshop Make Prints While The Sun Shines

Make Prints While The Sun Shines @ Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai

Sat, 03.12.2022

11:00 AM - 1:30 PM IST

Gallery MMB

Cyanotype Workshop with Artist & Designer Ruchita Madhok

Explore Cyanotype printing in sunlight with found objects and plant matter, inspired by artworks in the exhibition Critical Zones. All materials will be provided.

About the Workshop

In this workshop, participants will learn about the cyanotype process. They will learn about the ways in which scientists and artists have used the technique to further our understanding and appreciation of life on earth as well as the complexity of sunlight that we take for granted.
Walking around the neighbourhood of Kala Ghoda the group will collect leaves, flowers and plant material, as well as paper and plastic waste. These objects will then be used to create photogram cyanotype compositions on pre-coated paper. Once exposed in sunlight, the papers will be washed in running water and prints will be ready.
Participants will have the opportunity to observe and consider the plants, trees and flora that thrive even in a busy city like Mumbai. Through this technique they will be create artistic works inspired by the exhibition and their own surroundings, collaborating with natural forces of the air, sun and water to make an original expression of their experience.

About Ruchita Madhok:

A Mumbai-based artist and designer, Ruchita Madhok is inspired by the poetry of everyday life. Through the mediums of cyanotype printmaking and drawing she explores the conversations between nature, the cosmos and the inner self. An award-winning communication designer, Ruchita brings a passion for print, photography and illustration to her work as she plays with words and images to create works of art, books and zines. She is the Founder of design practice Kahani Designworks and publisher of Storycity guides to Mumbai’s heritage and culture.

Please note

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