Ambient Music Workshop

Ambient Music Workshop © Varun Desai

Wed, 26.04.2023 -
Fri, 28.04.2023

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata

Conducted by Marja Burchard and Lindsey Wang, Polygonia

Analogue meets digital is the motto of Marja Burchard‘s and Lindsey Wang‘s work­shop. The fusion of both worlds opens up a completely new way of approaching music, allowing musicians to create great soundscapes using a wide variety of tools.

The workshop includes Marja giving a playful insight into the practice of ambient music in an analog way with percussion instruments and everyday objects aiming to sensitise the participants to different kinds of sounds in order to create their own pieces of music. The workshop will also offer the participants a chance to record their self-made analog sounds, which will be processed un­der the guidance of Lindsey Wang. Together with Lindsey the participants will also learn how to compose music in an intuitive way using a music software.

The workshop will culminate into the participants presenting their own tracks with small digital sound improvisati­ons which they will learn to create during the workshop.

Women musicians and music producers are encouraged to register.

By registration only. 

Marja Burchard © Marja Burchard/Photo: Maasl Maier MARJA BURCHARD

Marja Burchard is a composer, performer, artist and multi-instrumentalist. She was born as the only daughter of Christian Burchard, the founder of the music band Embryo. Having born and raised within the band, she has taken the role of leading the band herself since the death of her father in 2018. She has toured with Embryo in several countries around the world, including Japan, Morocco, Turkey, England, India etc. After studying ethnology, Slavic philology and musicology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Marja devoted herself solely to music. Since the age of nineteen until now she has been playing and composing in other bands like: Karl Hektor and the Malcouns, Radio Citizen, Karaba, Express Brass Band, World Wide Wig, Séferia and Jisr. Since 2018, she has been composing music for plays such as "Shush" by Eszter Tompa at Teatrul Gong in Sibiu (Romania), "Kill the Audience" by Rabih Mroué at the Kammerspiele in Munich, at the puppet theatre "Theater Ananas" in Munich, as well as for the street theatre AntagonTheateraktion from Frankfurt am Main, with which she has performed at various international theatre festivals such as in Brazil, Siberia, Romania, etc. Since 2015 she has been working with the Finnish dancer Anna Orkolainen, with whom she has developed, composed and performed many pieces such as "Die Regentrude", "Spiderweb", Porotanssi" or "der letzte Seraphim". She lives and works in Munich. Apart from being a singer she plays several instruments like the vibraphone, piano, organ, accordion, trombone, santoor, marimba, drums and percussion instruments.

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Lindsey Wang © Lindsey Wang, Polygonia LINDSEY WANG, POLYGONIA

Polygonia represents a multidisciplinary music and art project conceived by Lindsey Wang from Munich, Germany. The soundscape of her own productions conveys a mystical, organic character and is characterized by driving complex rhythms. Polygonia’s sound palette ranges from energetic, dark deep techno to downtempo, grey area to textural and/or harmonic ambient. In addition, motifs from nature play a major role in many of her productions. Her DJ and live sets are characterized by a hypnotizing effect that invites one to completely lose oneself in the complex world of sounds for a longer period of time. Polygonia has already visited numerous of international prestigious venues. She is now a regular at Tresor or Berghain in Berlin, Blitz or Rote Sonne in Munich to name a few. Together with the artists Dycide and MTRL, she established her collective and label IO in 2018. In 2021, Polygonia launched the collaborative band project Lyder with the musicians Niklas Bühler and Moritz Stahl, focusing on the fusion of jazz and electronic music. In July 2022, she founded her own label QEONE. In addition, she manages the premiere and podcast platform Hadal Resonance.

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