Application Form for Cultural Institutions

The closing date for sending the application form is the 11 April 2021.

Spotlight Iraq is a support program for cultural creators living in Iraq.

It is aimed at cultural and creative creators of all generations, who have already completed two projects. The focus thereby is particularly upon the younger generation (18 to 35 years old).

Cultural organizations may also apply for support. The fund is available exclusively to Iraqi citizens and people with an Iraqi residence permit (Iqama).



Personal Information of contact person

Please upload a copy of your residence permit

Contact Information of contact person

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Project Information

Select your project category

Select your project type

Briefly describe your project

Please explain why this project is relevant to the Iraqi society and what you want to achieve with it.

Where are you implementing your project?

Who will the project reach out to and how?

Who does what?

When are the individual steps scheduled? Please upload your timeline.


10% of the granted sum have to be used to promote the project.
English Budget Sample, .Docx 64Kb

Additional Information and Material

Short biography of the project manager

Previous Projects

Documentation on previous projects

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