Lecturers for typography, illustration and branding in a Summer Academy Design within the framework of the project “Khan al Fan”

Lecturers for typography, illustration and branding in a Summer Academy Design within the framework of the project “Khan al Fan”

With the project KHAN AL FAN, the Goethe-Institut Iraq promotes the emerging market of cultural creative industries (CCIs), the entrepreneurial and political awareness of the sector and the creation of employment prospects in Iraq. Within the framework of this project, we are looking for three external lecturers in the fields of typography, illustration and branding in order to teach and supervise students at a Summer Academy Design, prospectively in August and September 2021. Each lecturer will hold a one-week intensive seminar in their respective field and oversee a one-week project phase in which the students implement the acquired skills. Depending on travel restrictions and epidemiological developments, the Summer Academy Design will either be held in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, or online.


  • Many years of proven professional experience in the fields of typography, illustration and/or branding
  • Professional experience in teaching and/or conducting workshops in the field of design
  • A relevant academic degree is preferable
  • Experience in conducting workshops in online formats
  • Excellent intercultural skills
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language (spoken and written), knowledge of Arabic and/or Kurdish is an advantage

Task description
  • Contributing to the conception and preparation of the Summer Academy’s overall curriculum
    • Participating in preparatory meetings with the project team as well as the other lecturers
    • Contributing to the development of a didactic concept for the Summer Academy
    • Contributing to defining the tasks for the students’ project phase
    • Contributing to developing evaluation criteria for students’ performance
    • Closely communicating with the project team and the other lecturers in preparation of the Summer Academy
  • Conceptualizing and preparing the curriculum of the respective intensive course
    • Preparing the contents of the lectures based on a comprehensive didactic concept, including theoretical and practical session
    • Defining the necessary logistic and technical needs for the respective course
    • Developing a day-by-day curriculum for the intensive course
    • Presenting the curriculum to the project team as well as the other lecturers for feedback and in order to relate it to the overall concept of the Summer Academy
  • Training the students of the Summer Academy (in person or online)
    • Implementing the prepared curriculum for the intensive course
    • Overseeing and monitoring the students’ progress as well as being available for class-related questions in- and outside the classroom
    • Overseeing and advising the students during the project phase
    • Grading and evaluating students’ performance 
Framework of the procurement

All offers are evaluated according to the criteria price (40%), demonstrable expertise in the respective field (30%) and didactic competencies (30%).
Please provide us with an informative offer, which, in addition to the price for the service, also shows your suitability with regard to the above criteria. Please also briefly describe your teaching philosophy and your didactic approach to developing a curriculum. Furthermore, please attach your CV; additional references are an advantage.

Deadline of application is 15.06.2021