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Spotlight Iraq | Ausschreibung 2019© Samyan Shaboy

Spotlight Iraq 2021

Spotlight Iraq is a support program for cultural creators living in Iraq. It financially supports art and culture projects up to an amount of € 10,000, approx. 11,700 USD, under the condition of a funding approval of the project. It also promotes the networking and further education of artists from all over Iraq. The applications are open to all ages, but with a major priority to give particular support to young cultural creators (18 to 35 years old). The sponsorship decisions should also reflect the diversity of Iraq.

Spotlight Iraq is a project of the Goethe-Institut, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Spotlight Iraq Application
Goethe-Institut Iraq

Who is supported?

The Support Program is aimed at people producing cultural and creative works, who have already completed at least two projects in the art and cultural sector. The main focus thereby is particularly upon the younger generation (18 to 35 years old). Cultural organisations may also apply for support. The support is available exclusively to Iraqi citizens and people with an Iraqi residence permit (Iqama).

This call is open exclusively for Iraqi citizens and people with an Iraqi residence permit (Iqama).

What is supported?

Art and cultural projects are supported. The sponsorship (minimum € 1,000 (approx. 1,100 USD), maximum € 10,000 (approx. 11,700 USD)) may cover the entire cost or comprise part of a greater sum. The total budget of the submitted project may not exceed 80.000 EUR (approx. 91.000 USD).

Projects from the following categories are sponsored:

  • Visual Arts (e.g. graphic novels, paintings etc.)
  • Performing Arts (e.g. theatre, dance etc.)
  • Literature/Writing  (e.g. lyric poetry, drama, prose etc.)
  • Music (e.g. composition, concept music etc.)
  • Cinema and video (e.g. long films, short films, experimental films, video installations etc.)
  • Online/Digital (e.g. gaming, cultural programming etc.)
  • Other (e.g. experimental, interdisciplinary formats etc.)
Particular attention will be paid to projects which deal directly or indirectly with the themes of cultural identity and/or diversity.

Sponsored projects must be completed until the end of the October 2021.

How can I apply?

To apply for project support, fill out this online form.

Please choose between private person and cultural institution.

Press the button “SUBMIT” to finalize your application. You should receive an automatic response mail which confirms that we received your submission. If you do not receive this mail within 12 hours after submitting, please get in touch with your contact partner of Spotlight Iraq (see chapter “Contact partner”).

Application form for private persons
Application form for cultural institutions

Spotlight Iraq
Goethe-Institut Iraq

Closing date for applications

The closing date for sending the application form is the 11 of April 2021.

What happens if my project is shortlisted?

You will be invited by the Goethe-Institut to Baghdad or Erbil to present (pitch) your project to our jury in a public event which includes a workshop and a market for your project.

What happens if my project is awarded a grant?

You will be contacted by the Goethe-Institut to draw up a grant award contract. As the grant comes from public funds of the German federal budget, it will be governed primarily by the provisions of the German Federal Budget Code.

Contact partner

For questions on the principles of the process and the application form please contact Shamal Sabri. We reserve the right to request information by telephone after receipt of the application.

Goethe-Institut Irak
Mr. Shamal Sabri
Tel.: +964 (0) 772 8390 967