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Europanetzwerk Deutsch

The Europanetzwerk Deutsch EU-courses aim to support you in strengthening your very good German skills in your daily professional environment and in using them more often. The Europanetzwerk Deutsch programme supports you in creating an active network in your professional routine that brings you in touch with colleagues in Europe. The EU-courses support you individually so that the greatest learning success is achieved. The main focus lies on topics of the European Union like insights into German institutions, ministries and cultural organisations. The programme is accompanied by intensive language tuition on all course days.

Apply for the program Europanetzwerk Deutsch if you

  • are staff at an EU institution or
    staff at a ministry in the EU member states or EU candidate countries with working relationships to the EU institutions,
  • already possess a strong command (B2/C1) of the German language and would like to improve your German for the benefit of your career,
  • want to network even more in the EU.
With the following information you can help us tailoring the institutional and language programme to your needs and give us an overview of your professional focus and expectations towards the programme.


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