Online Symposium AIR on air

AIR on air Photo: Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa

Friday 11 December and Saturday 12 December

Online (ZOOM)

Artist in Residence under the pandemic

Villa Kujoyama, Villa Kamogawa, Kyoto Art Center, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands supported by AIR Network Japan and AIR_J organize the online conference ‘AIR on air’ about the state of affairs in the Artist in Residence (AIR) sectors in France, Germany and the Netherlands after almost one year since the outbreak of COVID-19.
The main issues of the conference are how institutes in Europe are coping, what strategies are they applying to move forward and whether our views on the future of AIR and international cooperation have changed? This conference is not a one-way street: we will present you the situation in Europe and beyond while also referring to the situation in Japan through the participation of speakers in Japan.
We are also organizing this conference to promote the bonds between the sectors in our four countries, so please join us online for presentations and discussions with speakers from France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 December.
Day Time Program  Link to registration
11 Dec.
19:00-20:30 Opening Session: AIR on air – status quo in Europe and Japan Registration
12 Dec.
Session 1:
AIR strategies in times of COVID-19
12 Dec.
14:30-16:00 Session 2: Artists’ experiences and views of AIR in the pandemic Registration
12 Dec.
Session 3: AIR affecting change
Closing Session

General moderator :  Jun’ichiro Ishii, artist
Observers :   Teiko Hinuma, general secretary of AIR Network Japan
Friday, 11 December
Opening Session: AIR status quo in Europe and Japan

Opening remarks by the organizers centered around the theme of how COVID-19 influenced the AIR sectors in Europe and Japan as well as key-notes by two specialists on the status quo in the sectors in Japan and Europe. Concluded by a Q&A with questions from the audience moderated by the symposium’s moderator Jun’ichiro Ishii.
Dr. Wolf Iro (Head of Culture, Goethe-Institut Munich / Germany)
Fanny Rolland (Responsible of the residencies, Department Development et partnerships, Institut français / France)
Nobuyuki Kitamura (Supervising Director of Culture and Art Affairs, City of Kyoto / Japan)
Theo Peters (Minister plenipotentiary, Embassy of the Kingdom in the Netherland in Tokyo / Japan, NL)
And others

Pascal Brunet, director, Relais Culture Europe (France)
Yuki Asakura (Researcher, Policy research, Headquarters for Vitalizing Regional Cultures, Agency of Cultural Affairs Japan)
Mami Odai (Vice director, AIR Network Japan, AIR director of Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio / Japan)
Saturday 12 December

Introduction of program by organizers
Introduction of proceedings by moderator Jun’ichiro Ishii and observer Teiko Hinuma (AIR Network Japan)
Session 1: AIR strategies in times of COVID-19

How did the AIR field react to the COVID-19 outbreak? What are new strategies and formats for residencies? 
Bénédicte Alliot (General director of Cité internationale des arts / France)
Claus Heimes (Director of bangaloREsidency, Goethe-Institut Bangalore / Germany, India)
Mami Odai (Vice director, AIR Network Japan, AIR director of Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio / Japan)
Izumi Sakamoto (Director, AIRY / Japan)
Miriam Wistreich (Creative director, Hotel Maria Kapel / NL)
Session 2: Artists’ experiences and views on AIR in the pandemic

In what way have artists experienced their participation in residencies after the outbreak, with a special focus on the so-called ‘online residencies’ that have emerged as a reaction on the travel restrictions? How do they view the emergence of new residency forms?
Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, choreographer/visual artist (France)
Lea Letzel  (Artist / Germany)
Taro Yasuno (Artist / Japan)
Willy Wong & Floor Hofman (Artists participating in Paradise AIR / NL,Japan)
Session 3: AIR affecting change

How can AIR contribute to positive changes in their sector and beyond in society?
Sandrina Martins, general director, Le Carreau du Temple (France)
Pia Entenmann (Tarabya Cultural Academy, Goethe-Institut Istanbul / Germany, Turkey)
Daisuke Kuroda (Tsushima Art Fantasia / Japan)
Heidi Vogels (DutchCulture I TransArtists / NL)
Closing session

Observer Teiko Hinuma will discuss her observations and findings of the conference.
Closing words by Akira Tatehata, director of Kyoto Art Center
Villa Kujoyama, Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa, Kyoto Art Center, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Supported by: AIR Network Japan, AIR_J

Villa Kujoyama – Satsuki Konoike
Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa – Junko Yamaoka
Kyoto Art Center – Mami Katsuya
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – Bas Valckx