1:1 CONCERTS with distance

Goethe-Institut Tokyo

The 1:1 CONCERTS© defy the corona crisis, create powerful artistic spaces and raise solidarity donations supporting musicians in distress. With 1:1 CONCERTS© an opportunity was created for an authentic concert experience that takes into account all of the current Covid-19 restrictions.
1:1 CONCERTS© features a 10 min. non-verbal 1-to-1-encounter between a listener and a musician. The opening eye contact and ensuing mutual gaze is the impulse for a very personal concert where both sides experience an unprecedented intensity allowing proximity from a distance. 

Players: Mio Wakamatsu (viola), Natsu Takehara (violin), Ryuta Iwase (clarinet) 


Goethe-Institut Tokyo

Price: Free of charge (donation requested), registration required.


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