Acceptance of the examinations Start Deutsch 1 and Goethe-Certificate A2 by universities

The Start Deutsch 1 and Goethe-Certificate A2 exams are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The Goethe-Institut in Japan has also seen a steady increase in the number of participants in recent years.

If you are interested in making it easier for your students to take these examinations, we would like to make you the following offer:

We at the Goethe-Institut offer the following:

The exams are held at your university, we advise you on preparation and conduct exam training at your university, send you the certificates and support you in the initial year in accordance with our capabilities. In the following years, a designated GI supervisor will take part in the exams on a regular or random basis.

The universities are responsible for registering the candidates, collecting the examination fee, participating in the examiner training, organising and conducting the written and oral examinations. Your university or department then bears the name "Institution with Examination Authorisation" (ImP); the examinations are held exclusively by so-called "Authorised Examiners", i.e. the persons who have taken part in examiner training, which usually lasts one day.

Advantages for the university:

  • Since the examinations are held in cooperation with the GI, the university does not need to acquire an examination licence.
  • The exams are administered by the university teaching staff themselves.

Advantages for the students:
  • They receive an internationally recognised examination certificate which facilitates their placement in subsequent courses (e.g. language courses in Germany, Austria or Switzerland).
  • They are tested in the linguistic fields that are also relevant for a study programme abroad.
  • They can take the examination directly at their university, (lengthy trips to the Goethe-Institut are not necessary.

Advantages for teaching staff:
  • When preparing lessons, you can use materials to prepare for these action-oriented and realistic examinations. Most textbooks for German beginners produced in Germany are also based on these examinations.
  • The prospect of an internationally recognised certificate can increase student motivation.
  • By administering the exams you can strengthen the profile of your university or department.
We would be very pleased if you would be interested in collaborating with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us.