Yuki Hayashi A Fulfilling Time in Munich

Yuki Hayashi
© Yuki Hayashi


During my time at university I didn't study German. I used to be poor at learning languages, but since the German lessons at the Goethe-Institut in Osaka were all in German and very carefully done, I was lucky. The relationship with the teacher was also close and cordial. I had an exciting and fun time with my classmates, many of whom had the goal of working or studying in Germany. Even though I went to Germany before the course was over, I am really glad that I took part in the classes in Osaka.


Since the other students were of many different nationalities, I was able to practice communication during meals and other activities after class and spent a lot of time with cultures other than Japanese. The lessons were as carefully organised as in Osaka, and because I used a lot of German during the lessons, I was able to communicate better and better with the locals over time. I was able to exchange a few words in German with people who sat next to me in the shop or whom I met in the train station, which made me very happy. The works and exhibitions in Munich's numerous museums and galleries, which I often visited after class, were very impressive. I also had to do something for my work in Munich, but I was able to work well in the atmosphere of the inn where I lived. The quiet residential area, which was a bit suburban, was very beautiful and green, so I made it a habit to take a walk every day. Thanks to the language lessons, the communication with my classmates, the museum visits and so on, I spent a very fulfilling time.

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