Testimonials by our course participants

  • Deutschkurse © Goethe-Institut Osaka
  • Deutschkurse © Goethe-Institut Osaka
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  • Deutschkurse © Goethe-Institut Osaka

Koshi Itoh
The Goethe-Institut Osaka, which I have been attending for three years now, is always an exciting place for me. With participants of different ages, different professions and different interests, I learn German and how to express myself naturally in many life situations in Germany. In addition to the language course, I also enjoy taking part in Goethe gatherings and other events. These are good opportunities to meet both Japanese and Germans and improve my German.

Kayoko Fukuma
Compared to Japan, students at the Goethe-Institut in Germany speak much more actively and often. In order to make the most of the lessons for oneself, it is important to participate in the discussion without being afraid of making mistakes. I learned that here at the Goethe-Institut in Japan.

Noriko Hatatani
I spent two and a half unforgettable years with my family in Switzerland. There I could gather many beautiful memories and met many nice people. "I would like to speak German with my friends!" With this aim I started to learn German. Learning German is still interesting for me. It is also nice and interesting to meet good teachers and many nice participants in class.