Online Talk Series Beuys TV

Thu, 18.03.2021

8:00 PM


Moderator: Daisuke Tsuda | Guests: Toshiki Abe, Tatsuo Miyajima and Aya Momose

„Beuys TV“ is an online talk series in three parts, in which journalist Daisuke Tsuda explores the actuality of Joseph Beuys’s (1921-1986) artistic and political agenda in the year 2021, together with Japanese and international guests. When approaching Beuys's work today, 100 years after his birth and 35 years after his death, we confront – not only in the mirror of the corona-crisis – the striking contemporaneity of those visions, which were the driving forces for this multi-faceted artist. Beuys’s conceptual cosmos seems to have anticipated many matters of society which urge us today. Among the themes, Beuys’s address in his artistic work as well as in his activism, are: democratisation of all society areas, environmental protection, sustainability, gender equality, the search of a third way between capitalism and communism, and principles for a future-oriented education, among others. Through his expanded concept of art under the motto “everyone is an artist” Beuys promoted the disappearance of boundaries between art and life. He regarded art as a driving force for social transformation.

Daisuke Tsuda, whose field of work ranges between journalism, art and activism, in „Beuys TV“ together with his Japanese and international guests reflects the interplay of art and society.

Guests of Part 1 of the online series are the visual artists Tatsuo Miyajima and Aya Momose, and the social entrepreneur Toshiki Abe. Miyajima experienced Beuys’s stay in Japan in 1984 as a postgraduate student at Tokyo University of the Arts. He will reflect, how the direct encounter with Beuys shaped his own artistic practice. Momose, a Japanese artist from the younger generation approaches the fusion of artistic and political practice in Beuys’s work from a contemporary perspective. Toshiki Abe reflects the meaning of Beuys activism in the context of the current state of Japanese society.

The three parts of the online talk-series are dedicated to the following themes: Part 1: “Art and Activism”, Part 2: “Beuys seen from the perspective of women”, Part 3: The legacy of the 7000 Oaks”.

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