Digital exhibition PASCH: SPORT OF THE FUTURE

Wed, 25.08.2021 -
Thu, 25.11.2021

The exhibition of the PASCH competition "Sport of the Future" goes virtual! Visit our digital exhibition and marvel at the future sports visions of young PASCH students in the virtual museum landscape. 

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Digitalisation, augmented and virtual reality technologies are socially topical issues that are playing an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. Even in the more traditional field of sport, debates are already being held about the rather controversial definition of the term eSport as distinct from conventional sports.
Progressive technologisation and outsourcing to digital worlds are slowly finding their way into the sports sector, which raises the question of further transformation processes. Will today's definition of modern sport still be valid in 50 years? How might competitive and popular sport change over time? Will there be completely new sports in the future and will traditional sports possibly be renamed or even replaced? What might the fictitious "next" Olympic Games look like in Japan in 2076? What will the virtual athletes and digital arenas look like? In short: What could the sport of the future look like?
As part of the worldwide PASCH competition "Sport of the Future", 250 young learners of German at PASCH schools from over 20 countries dealt with this question in a creative way in the form of a painting and video competition. In inspiring short videos and diverse illustrations, they present their views on possible sports formats and future trends.
The creative contributions of the young and old artists from all over the world were previously presented in an interactive exhibition from 22.07 - 07.08.2021 at the Goethe-Institut Tokyo. The image and video contributions have been digitally processed for the virtual exhibition and can now be visited in the form of a virtual museum landscape - no matter where you are.
We are very pleased to be able to offer you the contents of this multifaceted exhibition via the digital exhibition format and hope you enjoy exploring the museum.

Your PASCH team from Tokyo.