Jenga GT © Goethe-Institut

Jenga CCI - Global Project

In Kenya, JENGA CCI – Global Project Culture and Creative Industries aims at sustainable development and facilitation of the culture and creative industries through an integrative educational and funding strategy as well as the promotion of advocacy.  

Literary Caravan 2019  © Julian Manjahi

Literary Caravan 2019

Literary events have become popular in Kenya. They happen in open spaces, closed spaces, in schools and museums, and take varied dimensions. A clear indication of how the literary space has expanded over time, enveloping all ages. 

Azu © Azu

Sasa Nairobi

The exhibition series Sasa Nairobi is the basis of Goethe-Institut Nairobi’s work in the field of contemporary art with an emphasis on photography, video, installation, conceptual art and performance. The aim is to work with artists and curators from Kenya that have an advanced and innovative approach.

Zeitgeister © Goethe-Institut


The Goethe-Institut invites experts and creatives worldwide to exchange ideas on colonial power relations, their consequences and, above all, how to dismantle them: in discourses, interviews, opinion articles and art projects. For a decolonized and non-racial world.

The title is shown against a blue-white-orange background including the following objects: glasses, an eye and a mouth. Illustration: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut

Kulturama brings international culture into your living room: house concerts live from Buenos Aires, puppet theatre from the kitchen or live acts from the Berlin club scene. Organisers enter their events and open them to international audiences. Spectators can find dates and support artists with donations. Together and in solidarity through this time.