Lernen Sie unsere Gäste kennen © D Sharon Pruitt

Meet our Guests

The Goethe-Institut Kenya is very keen on bringing people together. We like to invite artists, musicians or academics to Nairobi and bring them together with local artists, musicians or academics. This dossier wants to take record of these visits in a unique way. .

Henrike Grohs Art Award

In memory of Henrike Grohs, the Goethe-Institut and the Grohs family conceived a €20.000 prize dedicated to artists living and practicing in Africa.

Photo Stories © Ray Ochieng

Photo Stories

Photographers give unique insights into the Kenyan and German society.

The South, 501 years head down © GEHA Blog

Colonial Continuities

Many African coutries have celebrated their 50th aniversary of independence in recent years. But what about different areas of society? How far did decolonisation go? Where can we still find colonial traces within North-South relationships, within our cities as well as within our thinking?