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The Contact Zone series is a book publication project initiated by the Goethe-Institut Kenya to document the fast growing and vibrant Kenyan art scene. Before 2012, when the project began, information of the local art scene was scattered and documented mostly through single newspaper articles. Through the book series, the Goethe-Institut has published 27 books, documenting the art practice of various local artists, art collectives, socially relevant topics as well as those reflecting on the history of the country and growth of the Kenyan art scene.

The book series Contact Zones NRB publishes artist monographs, which

  • introduce individual Kenyan artists to a professional audience
  • serve as an archive for the works of artists
  • provide the first high-quality texts about the artists and their work from renowned local and international authors
  • include in a second series, intellectual articles from Kenya.  

Books published under the contact zone series include:

Contact Zones NRB:
            01 Fresh Paint – Literary Vignettes by Kenyan Women
            02 Sam Hopkins
            03 Peterson Kamwathi
            04 Ato Malinda
            05 Mwangalio Tofauti – Nine Photographers from Kenya
            06 Ananias Léki Dago – mabati
            07 Mbugua Wa Mungai – Nairobi’s Matatu Men. Portrait of a Subculture
            08 Kevin Mwachiro – Invisible. Stories from Kenya’s Queer Community
            09 Tony Mochama – Nairobi. A Night Guide through the City-in-the-Sun
            10 Six and the City – 6 Short Plays on Nairobi
            11 Naomi L. Shitemi & Eunice K. Kamaara – Wanjiku. A Kenyan Sociopolitical Discourse
            12 Nicola Lauré el-Samarai – Creating Spaces
            13 Miriam Syowia Kyambi
            14 Fresh Paint II
            15 Joyce Nyairo – Kenya@50
            16 Maasai Mbili
            17 Just A Book
            18 Parliament of Owls
            19 Ink & Pixels
Other publications include:
  •  24Nairobi – An Exploration of a City by Photographers and Writers
  • Grassroots Upgraded – Reflections on Nairobi Eastlands
  • Ingrid Mwangi Robert Hutter – Intruders
  • Learning from Nairobi Mobility – Cultural Library
  • (Re)Membering Kenya Vol. 1 – Identities, Culture and Freedom
  • (Re)Membering Kenya Vol. 2 – Interrogating Marginalization Governance
  • (Re)Membering Kenya Vol. 3 – Governance, Citizenship and Economics
  • Most books are still available at the Goethe-Institut Library