Fabrice Mazliah
Dance in the City?

End of September 2015 Fabrice Mazliah visited us as part of the dance collective MAMAZA. Together with local artists they performed ASINGLELINE here in Nairobi. MAMAZA refers to their installation as an enacted thought. They lay a straight red line through the city center in order to created a link between things which are far from each other geographically and mentally as well as to interact with citizens about dance spaces in the city. 

In Kenya I was surprised by
… the amount of rules and restrictions concerning doing a project outdoors.
In Nairobi I was reminded of Frankfurt by,
… the strictness and the high-rise buildings.
A particular beautiful experience during my visit was,
… encountering wonderful interesting artists that participated in the project and some locals that opened warmly their doors to our project.
My favorite dish in Kenya is,
… ugali na sukuma wiki.
My motto of life is,
… keep a don’t-know-mind and remain curious all the time…

Fabrice Mazliah studied dance in his hometown Geneva as well as in other places. He produced several works of his own and in collaboration with other artists. With May Zarhy and Yannis Mandafounis he founded the collective MAMAZA. They became associated artists at DeSingel Theater in Antwerpen (2011/12) and created among other pieces ASINGELINE (2011). ASINGELINE has so far been touring through Europe, Israel and Africa and has been presented as well in a documentation installation format in various places. After receiving the support from the cultural state funds MAMAZA becomes resident company for two seasons at the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt.