From the Gold Coast to Nairobi

Emeka Alams: From the Gold Coast to Nairobi

Emeka Alams was one of the artists involved in the exhibition FAVT: Future Africa Visions in Time that had its first stop on African ground at the National Museum of Nairobi in April 2017.

In Kenya I was surprised by… the traffic!
In Nairobi I was reminded of Seattle by
all the green trees and the coffee of course!

A particular beautiful experience during my visit was… visiting the national park for sure, we don't really have anything of that scale in west africa but also connecting with the local artist and getting a chance to explore their scene. It seems pretty small scene but dynamic and the work coming out of Nairobi is really exciting!

My favorite dish in Kenya is… chapati and that Chicken! I forgot the name.
My motto of life is…
You're not as great as they say but you're not bad as you think.


Emeka Alams is the designer of the highly praised and coveted clothing line, Gold Coast Trading Co.

Emeka Pulls from his Nigerian roots to inspire the lines and graphics that are common themes in his work. With the essence of nostalgia lingering in Emeka’s designs, he brings a fresh perspective to high-end streetwear and design, which is greatly triggered by his West African culture and fascination with storytelling.

Recently, Drawn by the strong visual narrative behind Gold Coast Trading, Emeka has been commissioned by several universities and museums in Germany to handle art direction, exhibition and interior design.
Since its creation Gold Coast Trading Co has been cosigned by likes of Vogue, Another Magazine, The Fader, Dazed & Confused, Harvard University and such international talents as Major Lazer, NaS, Pusha-T and M.I.A.

Emeka Alams © Carmen Daneshmandi
Goethe-Institut / Ruth Asan
May 2017

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