Daily new beginnings

Andreas Baum visited the Goethe-Institut in February 2019, where he conducted a writing workshop and a reading in cooperation with the renowned Kenyan author Peter Kimani.

In addition, he held a reading at the German School, a writing workshop for students of German language and literature studies at Kenyatta University and was also a guest author at our monthly AMKA Forum, a literary workshop for aspiring authors.
In Kenya I was surprised by...
how quickly I felt at home.

In Nairobi I was reminded of Berlin by...
the curiosity of the residents towards visitors and the joy at a party, everywhere and anytime.

A particularly beautiful experience during my visit were...
the clear light in the morning, the rich green of the plants, the red soil, the flowers and the beauty of the city under trees.

My favorite dish in Kenya is... 
Ugali with cabbage and lentils.

My motto in life is... "Every day is a new beginning."
Andreas Baum, born in 1967, grew up in Nairobi and Witzenhausen in Werra. He has studied in Berlin and Mexico, reports have taken him to Afghanistan and Latin America, he repeatedly represented the ARD radio correspondent in Tel Aviv. We were the new era (Rowohlt, 2016) is his debut novel. In 2017 he was awarded the scholarship of the Prussian Maritime Research Foundation. In 2018 he was a Döblin fellow of the Akademie der Künste Berlin. In November 2018, the story Der Dienst appeared in the online anthology of the Nordhessisches Autorenpreis An Der Grenze. Andreas Baum lives as a writer in Berlin and is an editor at Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Andreas Baum © Wamwiri Kimachia