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Reception at Goethe-Institut Kenya Reception at Goethe-Institut Kenya | Photo: Bernhard Ludewig Dear Friends and partners, 

The Ministry of Education made the long-awaited statement on the reopening of learning institutions on Tuesday, the 7th of July 2020. The statement is binding to all learning institutions in the country which also includes the Goethe-Institut. As communicated, Tertiary Institutions will be allowed to gradually reopen from September 2020 subject to adherence to the Ministry of Health COVID-19 protocols, and on presumption that the situation remains as it was when the statement was made on the 7th of July 2020.

Goethe-Institut is currently working on the implementation of the said protocols with a special focus on the possibility of offering examinations on a small scale, to specific candidates, based on priority and urgency of the certificate required, at the earliest possible opportunity. There are currently no online language examinations (not to be confused with placement tests that are being offered by some institutions on the internet). Until this happens, we encourage you to complete your course work which includes examination preparation in most classes and be ready to sit for your examination as soon as this is possible.

Given the fact that the peak of the infections has been projected for August/September, any resumption of face-to-face sessions will have to be approached with utmost caution. At the moment, we strongly encourage continued participation in our online language courses which is the only effective means of ensuring maximum protection of our clients.

For further information or advice, please contact our language course office on Janet.Wanyi@goethe.de / 0719-455-215.

Goethe-Institut Kenya


Keep Learning German – online. To protect your health, we are currently facilitating all German courses in an online format.

Any Youth Learner's, Special or Exam Preparation Courses as well as exam dates will be postponed to a later time. Your exam registration is still valid and the exam can be taken free of charge until the end of this year.
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