Exhibition Coordinator



Apply between: October 28th – November 7th 2019
Work Description in short: Implementation of the Invisible Inventories exhibition plan as directed by the International Inventories Programme (IIP) curatorial team Work Station: Nairobi, Kenya
Title: Exhibition Coordinator Work Duration: January 2nd – November 30th 2020
Exhibition Period: September - November 2020

Invisible Inventories is an exhibition project of the International Inventories Programme (IIP) and is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. IIP is an artistic, research and curatorial initiative that investigates Kenyan objects held in cultural institutions outside of Kenya and is developing exhibitions in Nairobi, Cologne and Frankfurt a.M.

In addition to this, the project also hosts public dialogues and is creating a related online database. Formalized in 2019 with the support of the Goethe-Institut, the programme brings together a constellation of cultural entities, including the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) in Nairobi, the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum (RJM) in Cologne, the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt and the artist collectives The Nest (Kenya) and SHIFT (Germany). The explicit intention and question of IIP is how to make objects which currently reside in institutions within the global North present again in contemporary Kenya. Artists and scholars of IIP involved in the Invisible Inventories exhibition project are approaching this question through contemporary artworks (such as video, installations, photography) and academic research.

The results of this process will be exhibited in the Invisible Inventories exhibition at the Nairobi National Museum (2020), the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum in Cologne and the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt (2021). Furthermore, IIP also incorporates the Object Movement Dialogues, a public forum that allows for debate and discussion into matters of cultural heritage, provenance, the current significance ascribed to these objects, and restitution, amongst others.

An online database of Kenyan objects in institutions across the world is currently in development.

I. Co-ordinating exhibition-related logistics for the exhibition opening in Nairobi in October 2020.
II. Organize the shipping of artwork and exhibition-related material from Kenya to Germany and back. This includes handling all paperwork and packaging modalities required by the relevant government institutions and logistics companies.
III. Manage the art and research production timelines.
IV. Oversee the production, printing and distribution of the exhibition catalogue, including writing and commissioning of texts, gathering of relevant information and research work, where required.
V. Work with the exhibition assistants and curators in Cologne and Frankfurt to ensure seamless implementation of the exhibition design and shipment process.
VI. Handling the logistics of the extended exhibition programme at the NMK.
VII. Handling the exhibition-related press and PR in Nairobi.
VIII. Any other duties related to the exhibition in Nairobi that may be delegated by the curatorial team.

The call is open to all curators, programme coordinators and project managers within the creative industries.

I. A completed university degree in Cultural Studies, Art Studies or a comparable subject.
II. At least 2-3 years of prior work experience in dealing with art and exhibition projects in the regional and international context.
III. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in handling logistics related to cultural projects across international borders.
IV. Experience in the implementation of exhibition designs and stipulated curatorial guidelines
V. Demonstrated experiences and skills in facilitating stakeholder/working group consultations.
VI. Relevant regional and international experience will be an added advantage.
VII. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in editorial work, especially art publications and exhibition catalogues.
VIII. Strong administrative skills.
IX. Knowledge of the workings of various social media channels and public relations strategy.
X. Knowledge and expertise in film and virtual reality technology would be an added advantage. 

 A motivation letter (maximum 1 page)
 Curriculum Vitae, with an extensive description of relevant work experience.

All applications must be submitted in English to programm.nairobi@goethe.de Please use the same email address for any questions.

For more information on the Invisible Inventories Project, please click here: https://www.inventoriesprogramme.org/