Concert - Album Launch Military Swagg - Mkwanja

The Goethe-Institut Kenya has supported the local Hip Hop and Rap scene over the years, either in the form of big projects or single concerts. Although the scene has lately become a little quiet, there are still new things bubbling up such as Military Swagg.

Their music doesn’t fit under one genre as they have proven to be quite versatile though their passion definitely points to a deep love for Hip Hop. Founded in 2010 by four young talented Kenyans, they describe their music as “Urban Hip Hop”. Daniel Wale whose stage name is Deebouwy is the founder who started off as a DJ, playing at various gigs on a small scale and transitioned into rapping full time. Based in South Africa, Hamisi Omar aka H-payne is a producer, rapper and singer at the same time. Also part of Military Swagg is the rapper Mzae aka Stunna Stan and the female MC Tracey Ndoti. In January 2012 they signed a contract with Sub Sahara Entertainment, where they also released their first album Mkwanja.