Film Fest Lusophone Film Fest - First Edition

Saturday, 29th March 2014, 6.00 pm

Goethe-Institut, Auditorium

Recognised with international awards at film festivals around the globe, the cinema from the Portuguese-speaking world is still mostly unknown to the general public. This 240 million people linguistic community is a thriving one, promoting over 80 film festivals and cinema awards every year, with movies mostly consumed in the respective countries.

The Lusophone Film Fest is a showcase of the diversity of film production in the eight Portuguese-speaking countries spread across 4 continents. For six months the festival will present multiple works (documentaries, animations, shorts and feature films), in monthly sessions of several films from different countries.

The first edition of the monthly fest features the following films: Isle of Flowers (Ilha das Flores) by Jorge Furtado (Brazil, 1989, 13min); North Atlantic by Bernardo Nascimento (Portugal, 2010, 15min); Virgin Margarida (Virgem Margarida) by Licinio Azevedo (Mozambique, 2012, 90min).