Concert / Album Launch Shoeshine Boy: THE AFRICAN WAY...

Shoeshine Boy was born in a small lakeside town in the Western province of Kenya. After moving to Nairobi and finishing high school he started as a Reggae/Dancehall vocal artist, musically influenced by Jamaican DJs like Capleton and Sizzla. Having sharpened his skills by live performances in Nairobi’s dancehall scene, he began recording and released his first album Look Beyond. Shoeshine Boy has performed together with artists like Chavelle Franklyn and Lt. Stitchie, and has toured in Europe two times within the last few years.

For the launch of his second album The African Way… he will be backed by Tune Dem Band, which has been working with him since 2010. The African Way… fuses Jamaican Raggamuffin and Kenyan music from various parts of the country, giving it an unique style that has not been heard before.

Admission: 300/= KSh