Exhibition Tutaonana Siku Za Usoni! Digital Reflections Of A Kenyan Future

Tutaonana Siku Za Usoni! Digital Reflections Of A Kenyan Future Earlier this year the Goethe-Institut Kenya has collaborated with the iHub on a digital art project that aimed at engaging artists and techies. Based on a call for submissions three projects were selected and will now be showcased as part of the exhibition Tutaonana siku za usoni!  Relay Point Omega is an interactive video installation where the audience is part of the story and can choose which direction the protagonists should take.
The story, written and directed by Alexander Ikawah, is set in Nairobi 2075 where an authoritarian government is trying to evict slum residents forcefully to clear up space for development despite fierce resistance from gangs and revolutionaries. Zamani Yajayo is an animated narrative that explores Kenyans imagination on what the country will be like in fifty years.
This is the first installment of the ongoing animated video interview series, created by Melisa Allela and Lenny Njagih. Futurescape is a project by Odipo Dev that seeks to answer the question, 'what do the numbers say about your future and Kenya's future'? Using the power of data Futurescape will allow you to investigate the future and grasp the impact you will have on the planet in your life time.