Exhibition There Are Worlds Out There They Never Told You About

There Are Worlds Out There They Never Told You About Jackie Karuti

Friday, 8th July 2016 to Tuesday, 26th July 2016

Goethe-Institut, Auditorium

By Jackie Karuti

The exhibition series Sasa Nairobi is the basis of our work in the field of contemporary art. We aim at working with artists from Kenya that have an advanced and innovative approach and often commission them to produce new work. Since 2008, we have exhibited more than 40 artists, the last being a show by Maasai Mbili.

The exhibition There are worlds out there they never told you about by Jackie Karuti elaborately introduces the audience to her imagined worlds seemingly set in a galactic and underwater universe. It is a selection from Karuti’s latest work, an impressive collection of drawings, installations, videos, animations and text which depict evidence of other worlds in space, among the stars and perhaps even in the ocean.

There exists a myth about an underwater civilization descended from slaves thrown overboard during the middle passage from Africa to the Americas.  Where do people who die away from ‘home’ go?What would it mean to migrate or run away to worlds that exist in our imagination? And if the present exists in a way that is not necessarily one in which you have agency, can you perhaps fly away to another time and space?

Exhibition Opening Hours:
TUESDAY – FRIDAY, 1.00 PM – 6.00 PM
SATURDAYS 10.00 AM – 3.00 PM