The Selected Literary Works of Tony Mochama

Tony Mochama_GT © Tony Mochama

Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 5:30 PM

Maendeleo House, Nairobi

A Decade of Publishing

Welcome for an evening of select readings, provocative discussion and literary celebration of one of the region's foremost journalists, a poet and author who has given readings, talks and workshops on our contemporary urban African literature across continents, from Bayreuth to Montreal, since 2010.

From the post-PEV story collection 'The Road to Eldoret' to the long Afro-futuristic novel '2063' (coming from Oxford Press in 2018), Tony Mochama has written across many literary genres - from the crime noir 'Princess Adhis,' to poetry texts, to a nocturnal city essay collection (Nairobi - A Night Guide) to YA Burt Award winning novellas.

Tony Mochama is also a winner of the Leap Frog Press Prize, as well as a pioneer winner of the prestigious Morland Miles Scholarship Award.

This evening will mark the ten year landmark of Kenya's most prolific writer of his generation, who is as diverse as he is multi-faceted in his various literary works, and who some call the 'Literary Gangster' due to his shoot-from-the-hip style of craftsmanship as well as writer ammo that, a decade down the page, shows no sign of running out.

There will be a cocktail mingle, afterwards, as well as musical mangle from the great kilt-wearing and one-man bag-piper, Murray the Scot.

Admission: free