Reading One Clear Ice-Cold January Morning at the Beginning of the 21st Century By Roland Schimmelpfennig

One Ice_Cold Morning © Goethe-Institut

Thursday, 29th July 2021

Goethe-Institut Nairobi


One clear, ice-cold January morning shortly after dawn, a wolf crosses the border between Poland and Germany. His trail leads all the way to Berlin. On an icy motorway eighty kilometres outside the city, a disaster is unfolding.More than 60 vehicles are involved as an inferno engulfs a jackknifed fuel tanker in which two trucks have ploughed.The lone wolf is glimpsed on the hard shoulder and photographed by Tomasz, a Polish construction worker who cannot survive in Germany without his girlfriend. Elisabeth and Micha run away through the snow from their home village, crossing the wolf's tracks on their way to the city. A woman burns her mother's diaries on a Berlin balcony. And Elisabeth's father, a famous sculptor, observes the vast skeleton of a whale in his studio and asks: What am I doing here? And why. Experiences and encounters flicker past with a raw, visual power, like frames in a black and white film. Those who catch sight of the wolf see their own lives reflected, and find themselves searching for a different path in a cold time. This first novel of Germany's most celebrated contemporary playwright is written in prose of tremendous power and precision.
Excerpts of the book will be read in German and English.

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